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Investigation of Different Forest Type’s Structure with Applying Nearest Neighbor Indices (Case Study: Gorazon District, Kheyrud Forest) (18457 Downloads)
Assessment of Different Methods of Form Factor Determination for Volume Estimation of Planted Populus deltoides and Taxodium distichum Trees (Klodeh Region– Mazandaran Province) (9775 Downloads)
Relationship between Ecological Species Groups and Environmental Factors (Case Study: Vezg Region in Southeast of Yasouj) (8697 Downloads)
Investigation of the Pasture Vegetation Changes Using Satellite Data in Semirom, Isfahan (8438 Downloads)
Investigating the Land Cover Changes in Mazandaran Province Using Landscape Ecology’s Metrics Between 1984 - 2010 (7369 Downloads)
Preparing Botanic Formation Map based on Ecological-botanic Studies (Case Study: Isfahan Province) (7366 Downloads)
Modeling the Propagation of Noise Pollution from Isfahan’s West Ringway in Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge Using SPreAD-GIS (6901 Downloads)
Estimating Rangeland Vegetation Frequency & Density Using Low-altitude Aerial Photographs (6782 Downloads)
Relationship Between Plant Biodiversity and Topographical Factors in Forests of West Mazandaran (Case study: Research forest of Tarbiat Modares University) (6401 Downloads)
Concentration in Changes of CO2 and CH4 Greenhouse Gases Relation to Environmental Variable in Iran (6300 Downloads)
Comparison of Geostatistical Methods to Determine the Best Bioclimatic Data Interpolation Method for Modelling Species Distribution in Central Iran (6016 Downloads)
The Short Term Effects of Fire Severity on Composition and Diversity of Soil Seed Bank in Zagros Forest Ecosystem, Servan County (5494 Downloads)
Agrobiodiversity of Vegetable Crops in Agroecosystems in Iran (5284 Downloads)
Use of the Geographic Information System and Analytic Hierarchy Process for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Site Selection: A Case Study of Najafabad, Iran (5265 Downloads)
Species Diversity and Identification of Plant Functional Types of Woodland in Shimbar Protected Area, Khuzestan Provience (5176 Downloads)
Predicting the Occurrence of Natural Fires in Forests and Ranges using Artificial Neural Networks (Case Study: Zagros Region, Izeh Township) (5145 Downloads)
Evaluation of Environmental Impacts for Rice Agroecosystems using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (5131 Downloads)
Relationship between Soil Macro fauna Biodiversity and Trees and Shrubs in Riparian Forest of Maroon River in Khuzestan Province (4892 Downloads)
Distribution and Abundance of Phytoplankton in Helleh River Estuary (Persian Gulf-Iran) (4771 Downloads)
Ecological Impact Assessment of Isfahan’s West Ringway on Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge Using Habitat Evaluation Procedure (HEP) (4728 Downloads)
Modeling and Risk Mapping of Forest Fires using Remote Sensing and GIS (Case Study: Baghe-Shadi Protected Area, Yazd Province) (4657 Downloads)
Dust Detection and Mapping in Kermanshah Province Using MODIS Satellite Imagery (4557 Downloads)
The winter and spring habitat suitability of black woodpecker (Dryocopusmartius) in ShastKalateh (4499 Downloads)
A Comparison of Simulated Annealing (SA) and Multi Objective Land Allocation (MOLA) for Solving the Problem of Multi-Objective Land Allocation (4422 Downloads)
Comparison of Heavy Metal Concentration in Bidekhun, Basatin and Melgonze Mangrove Forests (4391 Downloads)
Application of Logistic Regression Tree Model in Determining Habitat Distribution of Astragalus verus (4369 Downloads)
Investigating the Effects of Hanna Dam Construction on Long-Term Land Use/ Cover Changes (4099 Downloads)
Ecological assessment of the Tajan river using feeding groups of benthic macroinvertebrates and biotic indices (4074 Downloads)
Species Diversity of Laelapid Soil Mites (Acari: Laelapidae) Under Different Land Use Types in Saman and Shahrekord (4061 Downloads)
Predicting the Distribution of Asiatic Cheetah, Persian Leopard and Brown Bear in Response to EnvironmentalFactors in Isfahan Province (3979 Downloads)
Estimation the recreational value of Najvan park of Isfahan using a contingent valuation method (3951 Downloads)
Estimating Recreational Carrying Capacity of Gheisary Protected Area in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province (3806 Downloads)
Impacts of Karkheh Dam on Spatial Pattern of Riparian Zones in Karkheh National Park (3789 Downloads)
Relationships between Vegetation and Ecological variablesin Palangan Habitat, Aghdagh Protected Area of Ardabil Province (3769 Downloads)
Effect of Air Pollution on Leaf Heavy Metals Concentrations (Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn) of Box Elder (Acer negundo) and Oriental Plane (Platanus orientalis) (Case Study: Urmia City) (3747 Downloads)
Species Distribution Modeling of Wild Sheep based on Improving Bias of Occurrence Records and Selecting Appropriate Environmental Predictors using Maxent (3731 Downloads)
Residents' Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) for Preservation of Valasht Lake of Chalous City by Using One-and-One-Half-Bound Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Method (3699 Downloads)
Comparison of Fuzzy AHP Buckley and ANP Models in Forestry Capability Evaluation (Case Study: Behbahan City Fringe) (3639 Downloads)
Evaluating Structural and Functional Characteristics of Various Ecological Patches in Different Range Conditions (Case Study: Semi -Steppe Rangeland of Aghche-Isfahan) (3618 Downloads)
The Impacts of Clay and Gypsum Mining on Vegetation and Soil Conditions in Arid Ecosystems (Case Study: Segzi-Isfahan) (3467 Downloads)
Quantifying Landscape Spatial Pattern Changes in the Caucasian Black Grouse (Tetrao mlokosiewiczi) Habitat in Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve (3447 Downloads)
The Relationships between Different Plant Communities and Environmental Factors in Gonbad Watershed, Hamadan (3445 Downloads)
Modeling the spatial distribution of wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) attacks on human using genetic algorithm (GARP) in Hamedan province (3389 Downloads)
Spatial Pattern Determination of Biodiversity Threats at Landscape Level (Case Study: Golestan Province) (3331 Downloads)
Climatic Characteristics of the Natural Habitats of Astragalus gossypinus Fisher in Isfahan Province (3300 Downloads)
Changes in the Distribution of Plant Species in the Ecological Niche in Various Stages of Succession (3198 Downloads)
Surveying of Iranian Model of Desertification Potential Assessment (3188 Downloads)
Comparison of Logistic Regression and Discriminate Analysis in Recognition of the Factors Affecting on the Distribution of Quercus Libanii of Armardeh Forests at Baneh, Kurdistan Province (3180 Downloads)
Effect of Conservation on Spatial Pattern of Dominant Trees in Beech (Fagus Orientalis Lipsky) Communities, (Case Study: Masal, Guilan) (3066 Downloads)
Network Analysis and Key Actors Toward Wildlife Management (Case Study: Habitat of Caucasian Black Grouse, Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve) (3056 Downloads)
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