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Iranian Journal of Applied Ecology

Licence Holder                   :            Isfahan University of Technology

Managing Director                 :            Mehdi Bassiri (Ph.D.), Associate Professor of Range Ecology

Editor in Chief                       :            Nasrollah Mahboobi Soofiani (Ph.D.), Professor of Marine Ecology

   EMAIL: soofiani@cc.iut.ac.ir                 http://soofiani.iut.ac.ir/

Executive Director                 :            Sima Fakheran (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences

Email: fakheran@cc.iut.ac.ir                 http://fakheran.iut.ac.ir/    

Assistant Editors    

English                                          :          G. R. Zarei            

Persian                                          :          F. Shamsi

Administrative Manager                   :          Z. Dashagha

Typesetting                                    :          Isfahan University of Technology

Printed                                           :          Isfahan University of Technology

Published by                                   :          Isfahan University of Technology


Address : Iranian Journal of Applied Ecology, Publications Office,

                   Central Library, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan

                     8415683111, Iran.

                    Phone: (98) 31-33912795, Fax: (98) 31-33912626, E-mail: ijae@of.iut.ac.ir

                    Website: http://ijae.iut.ac.ir

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